Data scientist

Currently working as a Data Scientist at American Tire Distributors, where I support supply chain operations. My work involves a wide array of data manipulation, visualization, machine learning, forecasting, clustering, statistics, decision science, and optimization. I get to work with an all-star group of data scientists, engineers, and architects at the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence.

Theoretical astroparticle physicist

Recently graduated (Sept. 2018) from UCLA with a PhD in physics under the mentorship of Alexander Kusenko. The focus of my research was exotic dark matter candidates formed from scalar condensates in the early universe, which includes Q-balls, boson stars, and primordial black holes. It is an interesting blend of particle physics, conventional astrophysics, and physical cosmology.


During my graduate studies I was given the opportunity to teach a wide variety of undergraduate physics classes, ranging from introductory physics 101 for freshman biology majors to upper-division nuclear and particle physics for advanced junior/senior physics majors. I have won multiple awards for my teaching, and the experience has given me a lot of practical knowledge in distilling down complex ideas to simple ones, and how to communicate them effectively.


I have been an active scuba diver since April 2018, and since then have obtained both my Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications. I have had the fortune to explore many interesting dive sites in locations such as Los Angeles, Mexico, North Carolina, Australia, and Honduras, and hope to visit many more.